aKite POS.net

POS.net is an innovative Point of Service, the evolution of the traditional Point of Sale, aimed at managing a wide range of sale scenarios using workstations based on standard PC, possibly featuring a touch screen to enhance usability, linked to fiscal and non fiscal printers.

Some examples of advanced features are listed below.

Not only receipts, but also: Orders, Estimates, Delivery Notes, Invoices, other kind of sales and the recall of documents previously issued.

The “Return Procedure” allows VAT recovery in case of money returned to the customer; it’s carried out in accordance with strict guidelines with the benefit of reducing the risk of fraud.

Deferral of the current selling allows the operator to serve the next customer and then return to the previous list of goods and close the suspended sale.

The Best Sellers virtual keyboard allows the direct sale of any product without the need for an identification code. If you sell services, such as home delivery or completion of a product, you don’t need to print dummy barcodes, simply create new keys on the virtual keyboard. This also applies to the best-selling products not carrying a barcode.

When Fidelity Card is not available or a product barcode is missing, you can browse, with a few taps on the screen, within an index book or product categories.
Alternatively you can launch a full-text search on one or more keywords in the local database: it ensures fast operation even in the ordinary course of sale and the operation in the absence of connection to Retail Web Services on the Internet.

Although rich in functionalities, POS.net is easy to use because any rigid and diversified procedures have been deliberately omitted. Sales, for example, are always performed in the same way and the choice of the type of document can be taken at the end of the task, just before printing. The virtual keyboard, context-sensitive, shows only what is needed at that time avoiding visual congestion and confusion. While operating on a customer it shows the address book, if it’s completing the salesale, the payments.

Gift Card

Gift Cards are a kind of prepaid card or voucher that can be purchased and given to friends or relatives as a present, so that they can feel free to choose the products they prefer in the most convenient Store.


aKite SHOP.net


SHOP.net is the Back Store Smart Client, which can be used both in individual retail shops and in the center of the chain. It provides sales statistics and constantly updated dashboards to monitor activities of any single shop and the entire chain, even if deployed across several continents.

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