• Why “Cloud-native” is also “Green”

    Cloud Computing, since the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) definition in 2011 highlighted a deep innovations in IT, which until then had known at best Hosting and ASP … more

  • From Machine Learning to Machine TEACHING

    Imagine the day when chain store executives can focus on market positioning, what experiences to offer customers to stand out from the competition, how to motivate store staff to pursue … more

  • Federated Learning in Retail

    In the field of Artificial Intelligence and more precisely of Machine Learning (the mechanism by which machines learn from data), Federated Learning is a collaborative learning mechanism … more

  • From Precision to Intelligent Retail

    A company health in the mature and competitive Retail Industry rest on both vision and execution. The vision (or strategy in military terminology) consists in knowing one's own strengths … more

  • Reinforcement Learning in Retail


    Reinforcement Learnig (RL) is a family of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that, immersed in an environment, take decisions in order to maximize the cumulative reward. To give a … more

  • Cloud Architectures and MicroServices.

    Architecture, whether applied to software or buildings, is the link between aspirations and technology, both in continuous evolution. Internet and Cloud Computing have triggered a radical change in … more

  • Circular Economy & Retail

    The Circular Economy aims to improve environmental sustainability through processes and products redesign, reuse and recycling at the end of the life cycle, minimizing the consumption of new raw … more

  • Intelligent Retail in China

    The recent book by Chinese scientist and entrepreneur Kai-Fu Lee “AI super-powers. China, Silicon Valley and the new world order”clearly describes the current state of … more

  • Intelligence at the Edge

    Recent architectural trends defined, for example, "Intelligent Edges + Intelligent Cloud" by Microsoft and "Devices & Lambda @ Edge" by Amazon, highlight the benefit of native App … more

  • Intelligent Audio in Retail

    Digital technology is mature and cheap enough to go beyond InStore Radio. In text-to-speech, "robotic" voices are a memory of the past, and words recognition already matched human accuracy. Now … more

  • Intelli-tail: Artificial Intelligence for Retail


    The success of eCommerce world leaders, such as Amazon, is due not only to low prices, high quality and convenience of service, but also depends on a special ingredient: … more

  • IT architectures for Retail in the Cloud age



    Even today, IT for Retail is struggling inside the dilemma between Centralized architectures, with a single database (db) to which all stores access in real time, and … more

  • Real SaaS vs SoSaaS

    SaaS(Software as a Service) is a well-known acronym for "Software provided from the Cloud, i.e. from centralized public resources, through the Internet”. Real or Cloud-native or Cloud-first … more

  • Retail Management Software: Licence vs SaaS

    A Retail Management Software covers the Front and Back Store areas (Point of Sale and Warehouse management, statistics and more) in stores independent or part of a chain. It can be … more

  • POS software: is time for change?


    POS (Point of Sale) software, especially in chains, is considered a competitive factor and thus highly customized in order to differentiate from competition. Unfortunately, this … more

  • aKite wins Assintel Award 2015

    In October 23rd 2015 at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded.

    aKite won in the category & … more