aKite: a cloud service that let you sleep soundly


Wladimiro Bedin, CEO of BEDIN Shop Systems, and Alessio Porcellati, IT Manager of Tempur Italy, announce the selection of aKite to manage the Tempur direct store chain.

aKite is the first software service designed to exploit all the features of a modern Cloud Computing platform and to be easily integrated with other systems, such in this case, ERP Platform and the Italian branch Business Intelligence platform (www.akite.net).

Tempur-Pedic International Inc. is a corporation headquartered in the United States specialized in manufacture and sale of mattresses and pillows derived from research conducted for NASA to equip the astronauts’ seats and evenly distribute their weight and alleviate the pressures even in extreme conditions. With the acquisition of Sealy in 2012, the newly created Tempur-Sealy Inc. is the first company in this industry worldwide with a complete portfolio of products and iconic brands (www.tempur.it ; www.tempursealy.com/).

For the expansion of their network of directly operated stores, the Italian branch direction has entrusted the IT management for a selection of the POS software best suitable to the needs of integration, reliability and safety of operation under all conditions, in order to "sleep soundly."

“aKite is an innovative solution, simple and widely configurable. The rapid deployment, thanks to the Cloud, and interoperability with most POS peripherals, makes it the ideal solution in the current Retail marketplace. Tempur bases the development of its Retail Channel on dynamism, technology and integration: all features that I appreciate in BEDIN Shop Systems’ aKite, the solution that I have chosen for our chain.” declares Alessio Porcellati, IT Manager at Tempur Italy.

Traditional software for chains persist inside the dilemma between centralized architectures, efficient but vulnerable, and departmental architectures, resilient but complex and also away from providing a "Connected Retail” experience. The "Devices and Services" award-winning aKite architecture is based on Retail Web Services in the Cloud and Apps in the stores with an embedded database containing products, promotions and customers, for seamless connected disconnected operations. The continuous documents exchange with the cloud and the chain HQ via message queues, ensures maximum reliability even with poor connections and a constantly updated picture available to chain managers, stores and also to suppliers and customers.

"aKite proves once again - says BSS CEO Wladimiro Bedin - its scalability both upward and downward. Those who, like Tempur Italy, launches a chain expansion, want a professional solution without growth problems, but not requiring large upfront investments in licenses and integration, with predefined operational costs proportional to the chain expansion. Until now, low initial investments were only possible with limited solutions, soon inadequate. But cost is not the main aKite advantage as scalability and service level (SLA), combined with openness to suppliers and especially customers more and more on the Internet, provide a strong competitive advantage to modern businesses."