aKite® enables retailers of all sizes to forget the traditional problems associated with Information Technology and focus on their business, even with stores spread out across different continents.

Easy to choose. No initial investment in software licenses and servers, but only a fee proportional to the number of stores and workstations.

Easy to start. No expensive customizations, but fast choices from among a variety of parameters. To activate a POS or replace a faulty workstation, just enter your login and password on a web page.

Easy to use. because it is designed for a wide audience that needs to be immediately operational.

Easy to manage. All the complexity is removed from the stores and HQ and concentrated on the Cloud, where an advanced platform provides maximum service continuity and data security.

Easy sharing of constantly updated data both inside and outside the chain, for interaction with suppliers and customers. 

Easy to integrate with other systems, internal and external, whatever their hardware and software platform.

Simple evolution by automatic updates from the Cloud and integration with new services.


The aKite heart and brain: a Smart Hub on the Cloud that removes complexity from the stores, connects them with each other and with the chain HQ and opens them up to services such as Logistics , Business Intelligence, Digital Signage , eCommerce, Web Marketing , Social Networks, … and collaboration with any hardware and software platform.

Transactions from the stores travel in XML format through standard https protocols and using digital certificates to guarantee maximum security. Immediately three separate and secure databases are updated for maximum availability and fault protection, and transactions carry on to the ERP and /or other central HQ systems, while other processes update inventory, forecasting, margins, stock rotations etc. ... The same thing happens the other way around for the new master data, prices and promotions, from HQ to the stores. Synchronization is based on queues where messages remain parked where a connection is absent, ensuring maximum reliability and scalability (the ability to manage peak workloads).

The most direct integration with external systems is through a comprehensive set of standard APIs (Application Programming Interface), but aDi ( aKite Document Interchange ) is also available for exchanging files in most common formats with legacy systems or local database for business intelligence (BI) and integration.® is an App certified up to Windows 10 that handles a wide range of Front Store services on Windows PC or Tablet, ensuring maximum security and speed to customers by means of local data and direct control of peripherals such as receipt printers and electronic payment devices.

The activity continues even in the event of external faults, while sales documents are queued waiting for automatic reconnection to the Cloud.

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This Back Store App, certified up to Windows 10 and available in Store and HQ versions, manages inventory, replenishment, reporting and updates item prices, promotions and assortments, unless this data is already managed by an external and integrated system.

Dashboards always provide an updated and full view of sales, right down to each individual item and customer, from any location where Internet access is available.


aKite Mobile®

Back Store App specifically designed for Windows and Android Smartphones. It allows access to Dashboard and inventory item main information. It also allows the creation of product lists to be sent to Retail Web Services on the Cloud for use by in order to issue documents and perform inventory control.

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Intelli-tail®(Intelligence for Retail): some examples

Since 2016, an "infusion" of Artificial Intelligence in aKite is going on through the addition of new Cloud services to existing ones. The operation is comparable to the progressive addition of new Lego blocks.p>

The first "cognitive" services are HintBot, a recommendation list (who buys product A usually also buys B, C and D) accessible also from fixed and mobile Point of Sale and ChatBot for new customers self-registration through compact Tablet, naturally 100% GDPR compliant.p>

Connect a PC and start selling! and are installed from a web page and are automatically updated via the Internet, ensuring efficiency and evolution over the years, with minimum running costs.

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