The customer



about 1 milion

of items

The target

The Brugi company is a major sports and casual clothing manufacturer who wanted to manage its 7 company stores and outlets from the central ERP receiving sales from the stores through a flat file in have been using for many years. Since some old models are probably still available in some shops, there are around 1 million references to manage.

Which aKite® subsystems we used to achieve the goal:

The results

with aKite® the customer had no problem managing the volume of data involved, since it is designed according to the new cloud paradigms, including scalability, so as to be a “Cloud-native SaaS”. Even the full-text search on products, in case the barcode was missing, was also fast on 1 million items thanks to the compact and well-indexed database present in each workstation. This modern “distributed” architecture allows them to sell in all outlets even without an Internet connection and to lighten the load on lines and clouds from a sustainability perspective. The synchronization of these efficient databases present in each station takes place instantaneously through message queues and the stations can remain switched off at night, reducing consumption and the risk of fire in the event of a failure. Given the high and concentrated influx in certain periods, it would not have been easy for Brugi to manage customer loyalty but by requesting the zip code of the place of origin, it still obtains interesting statistics. The flat files in the requested proprietary format are prepared every night and made available to the ERP in Brugi.

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