aKite (formerly BEDIN Shop Systems) has over 30 years of experience in developing retail store software, and an internationally recognized capacity for innovation.

It began a process of significant architectural and technological innovation when Cloud Computing concepts were still in the incubation stage, releasing the first POS &In Store solution designed to fully exploit the paradigms of modern Cloud Platforms.

Experience of independent store and chain store management, led the company to immediately challenge the complexity of direct chain and franchised management, but not forgetting the small independent stores. In other words, we wanted to bring to Retail what had been shown by Salesforce to be possible in CRM (Customer Relationship Management): a software service suitable for the smallest company to the largest enterprise , in which each one benefits from the Cloud Computing economies of scale according to different priorities, but where all are assured the highest level of service and constant evolution to meet the ever changing demands from the market.

  • First Windows store management system
  • First POS based on .NET technology
  • First Smart Client SaaS for the Retail sector
  • First store management system designed for Cloud Computing
  • EuroCloud Italy Co-founder
  • Confindustria Award for Cloud project with Padua University
  • Assintel Award 2015
  • National Award for Innovation




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