aKite + Intelli-tail®

Inteligent retail, from large chains to independent stores

Manage stores in an agile and autonomous way with Cloud-native software services.

How to win in the growing competition ?

Artificial intelligence is a fundamental contribution, comparable in importance to the introduction of electricity a century ago.


Stores Cloud Management

aKite is the new generation of software services (SaaS) for Retail. This solution takes the technical complexity out of stores, moving it to the cloud where is managed by our application software and Microsoft’s Azure platform. The service subscription fee is all inclusive and proportional to the number of shops and locations.

Simplicity within everyone’s reach

To open a new shop or replace a broken PC, you just need to access a web page, identify yourself, and in a few minutes you will start selling.

Safe and sustainable like never before

Data security and environmental sustainability are clearly superior to traditional solutions. We apply cloud-native paradigms such as hardware and software sharing among all users and elasticity in hardware resources usage based on workload, without wasting energy and resources or worsening response times

Discover all the  software features to better manage your chain or store:

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