Jennifer Tattanelli: a small luxury multinational

The customer


stores in Italy and USA

The target

Jennifer Tattanelli is a small multinational of luxury leather clothing with shops in Florence and in the USA. He decides to rely on aKite to manage sales, production orders and logistics in an integrated way and with easy-to-use software. In the luxury clothing sector, the key to customer loyalty is taking care of them. For this reason, the brand exposes the need to improve customer management and loyalty.

Which aKite® subsystems we used to achieve the goal:

The solution

The efficiency of the and Apps of Front and Back Stores has proved to be useful in shops but particularly for managing the orders of customers invited to events in prestigious hotels with laptops.

The results

aKite® has proven to be a specialized “micro-ERP” for retail as it also covers orders from shops to the center and related logistics, at much lower costs than similar products because was born as SaaS (Service Software usable immediately) with a fee proportional to the n. of shops and workstations, without initial investments, not even in training. Even the owners use it directly and keep the situation under control without having to ask any employee to extract reports. The company considers itself satisfied with the service also due to aKite’s characteristic of being multi-language, multi-currency and multi-tax. Sales data is available in real time, but the daily statistics take into account the time zone, thus allowing a correspondence between the USA and the management center.
The most popular aKite features

Track movements in real time.

Automatic process for customer profiling and loyalty.

Evaluate trends taking into account time zone and currency.

Are you looking for a solution to intelligently manage your store?

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