Excelsa: expansion of the chain of stores

The customer




Loyal customers

The target

The Bergamaschi & Vimercati, one of the main houseware sellers in Italy, wanted to expand its chain of Excelsa brand stores , but the management software was not adequate for the needs of the change. Looking for requirements such as scalability and intrinsic reliability, they decided to rely on aKite, a Cloud-native SaaS software, exploiting all the modern potential of Cloud platforms. Another goal was to extend customer loyalty with centralized marketing actions. The idea was to eliminate: The paper-based procedures for acquiring consent in accordance with the GDPR which require an enormous amount of time. Fidelity cards, considered impractical for the occasional purchase of semi-durable goods.

Which aKite® subsystems we used to achieve the goal:

The solution

The opening of the new points of sale is, by the IT part, simple and fast. From our headquarters, a few days before the opening, an automated procedure creates in the Cloud the environment for the new shop. In the suburbs, just access a web page and enter your credentials to install POS.net and SHOP.net, the Front and Back Store Apps. The dematerialisation of the loyalty process takes place through a ChatBot, which informs customers about the purpose of collecting personal data, with the aim of obtaining informed consent on profiling and marketing. The classic signature on paper forms is replaced by a simple reply to an email that is sent automatically (double opt-in). At the same time, this allows address verification. The system stores customer data directly in the cash points and in the cloud, allowing deleting fidelity cards.

The results

Customers, by providing their name at the cash desk, are recognized in each point of sale without the use of Fidelity Cards.  The company managed to deal efficiently with all the planned expansion processes. It is now able to verify the progress of the activity of each point of sale and to have, real-time reporting of margins, stock and inventory. Constant monitoring and updating has allowed the company to continue to grow both in terms of size and profit.
The most popular aKite features

Customer profiling via Chatbot.

Centralized management of points of sale.

Real-time activity reports.

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