Our assistance and training at your disposal

You can install aKite by yourself: just log in on a web page and, after a few minutes, your device is ready to operate. If, on the other hand, you need help, you can contact us for assistance or choose our training.

On-demand training Point of Sale warehouse, CRM, statistics

Assistance and training

Our telephone and remote assistance is always available on your PC.

For chain stores, we can organize face-to-face courses at the headquarters or branch offices.

After sales service

The fee includes: the use of continuously updated software, secure and redundant servers and databases on the Cloud, telephone assistance and remote assistance in office hours. Additional fees apply for longer hours.
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35010 Vigonza (PD)
P.IVA/C.F: 02110950264
REA 458897 Cap.soc. 50.000€

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