Semi-durable products

Satisfy the customer promptly

If the customer requests a quote, an invoice or other document, sometimes it is difficult to satisfy its requests immediately.

Thanks to you can perform these procedures at check-out, in seconds also for a new customer

Keep tabs on margin

The strong competition on easily comparable products reduces margins. The actual data must be kept continuously under control through reports on sales, warehouse and KPI (Key Performance Indicator). manages sales and calculates margin in real time, thanks to the continuous updating of the cost of stock, for each store in the chain.

Access to technical characteristics

Customers often ask for information on products and staff must be able to access the technical characteristics. aKite manages this need for detailed information, images and links to external sites withproduct Catalog available at counter, store, office and e-Commerce.

Why choose aKite in the semi-durable products sector (Electronics, Telephony, Housewares, Hardware, DIY, ...):

Product management also with serial number and Catalog of technical features

Speed ​​and security of ePayments by EFT POS integration 

Immediate and accurate margin and other KPI (Key Performance Indicators) calculation 

Discover all the features of the software to better manage your chain or store:

Do you want to remotely monitor all your retail activities?

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