Cibin Ricambi

The Customer





The target

Increase the assortment, the level of customer service and the turnover without expanding the warehouse and investment in goods.

Which aKite® subsystems we used to achieve the goal:

The results

The increase in turnover and the level of customer service, i.e. the ability to avoid stock-outs while increasing the assortment but without increasing the warehouse surface, was possible with very frequent (weekly) automatic orders from almost 200 different suppliers using the traditional criteria of minimum stock and reorder lot, but also sales forecasts. This increased stock rotation with two synergistic effects. The warehouse space is not occupied in part by products destined for scrapping as often happens in this sector, but available for the expansion of the assortment and turnover without having to rent new premises which would have been not only expensive, but also inefficient because they are far away from the sales counter. To give an example, with a turnover of 1 m€, switching to value rotation from 2 to 3 times a year means lightening the inventory from 500 K€ to 333 K€ and thus freeing up almost 170 K€ for other activities. If the warehouse shelves occupied 100 m2, the increase in turnover means freeing up over 30 m2 to expand the assortment or to use them for the display of self-service finished products.

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