Clothing / Fashion / Sports

Manage the products variety

The essence of fashion is the continuous introduction of new models with multiple styles. manages information regarding the seasons and all the product variants (for example, material, pattern, finish), as well as size, color and price.

Manage sales and inventory

The wide range of products and brands requires control over sales, margins and inventory, not only for single product, but also for entire categories, brands and lines.
With sales, margins and stock are continuosly updated, and made meaningful thanks to the double product classification.

Know your customers

The customer is the center of every activity, so it is essential to know him thoroughly through the integrated CRM, the purchase history and profiling by means of Artificial Intelligence and according to GDPR rules.

The effort to retain your customers, continuously contested by competitors, is less than required to acquire new ones.

Why choose aKite in clothing, fashion and sports:

Advanced product management with variants and features.

Immediate and constant control of sales and margin

In-depth customers knowledge by AI (GDPR compliant)

Discover all the features of the software to better manage your chain or store

Look at the experience of those who have already chosen aKite

Do you want to have remote access to monitor the progress of your activities?

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