The customer



loyal customers

The target

The chain operates in the PET sector with 8 stores in the Veneto region. The sector is expanding but it is also overtaken by large national chains. The previous software was unable to give autonomy in defining new promotions and sufficient sophistication in loyalty policies, powerful weapons to try to overcome the competition without weighing too much on marginality.

Which aKite® subsystems we used to achieve the goal:

The results

aKite® imported all the data from the old system also in order to profile the customers’ purchasing habits and product and brand preferences through artificial intelligence: an advanced and specialized CRM function for Retail which is part of Intelli-tail® (Intelligent Retail). The definition of a new promotion is performed by one of the owners with a powerful but intuitive engine that also takes into account the type of customer. It is obviously useless to offer a dog owner a discount on cat food, but it is also counterproductive because it reduces the effectiveness of communication, which must be perceived as one-to-one as much as possible, even if automatic.

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