Intelligence at the Edge

Recent architectural trends defined, for example, “Intelligent Edges + Intelligent Cloud” by Microsoft and “Devices & Lambda @ Edge” by Amazon, highlight the benefit of native App inside smartphones, tablets, PCs and industrial devices. Also considering Artificial Intelligence (AI), while

Intelligent Audio in Retail

Digital technology is mature and cheap enough to go beyond InStore Radio. In text-to-speech, “robotic” voices are a memory of the past, and words recognition already matched human accuracy. Now whole sentence understanding is at good level, even if talking

From RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) to Machine Learning

Introduction Traditionally, the clustering of customers and the choice of the most relevant promotions are based on “RFM” parameters. Where R stands for Recency, i.e. how recent the last purchase was, F for Frequency, the number of purchases per month/year

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