Why “Cloud-native” is also “Green”

Cloud Computing, since the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) definition in 2011 highlighted a deep innovations in IT, which until then had known at best Hosting and ASP (Application Server Provisioning), via the Internet. Among the fundamental principles

Innovate with your head in the cloud and your feet on the ground

Villa Barbaro a Maser (TV) | Arch. Andrea Palladio | photo of the author First the Internet and then the Cloud have profoundly changed our society. The abundance of data and easy access to enormous computing power have triggered the

From Machine Learning to Machine TEACHING

Imagine the day when chain store executives can focus on market positioning, what experiences to offer customers to stand out from the competition, how to motivate store staff to pursue qualitative and quantitative goals, and more. The daily decisions on

Federated Learning in Retail

In the field of Artificial Intelligence and more precisely of Machine Learning (the mechanism by which machines learn from data), Federated Learning is a collaborative learning mechanism by the nodes of a distributed architecture. Term that indicates peripheral systems, such

How Retail can help to mitigate Environmental drift

Climate change is under everyone’s eyes and the scientific community confirms that it is a global drift very close to the point of no return. The main responsibilities of these changes belong to the ruling class that has ignored repeated

Intelligent Retail in Cina

The recent book by Chinese scientist and entrepreneur Kai-Fu Lee “AI super-powers. China, Silicon Valley and the new world order”clearly describes the current state of Artificial Intelligence with particular reference to China, a little-known reality in the Western world that

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