aKite in China

We had been invited as Cloud Computing pioneers to bring our contribution to the World CIO Forum held in Xi’an in China from 10th to 12th of November. The coincidence with APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) in Beijin with the

Cloud Computing changes the rules in Retail

Accenture has published the interesting “A New Era for Retail” white paper. Starting from the consideration that the wide use of digital technologies by consumers is revolutionizing the retail worldwide, concludes that Cloud Computing is the most appropriate technology as

aKite in Buenos Aires

Inside the initiatives of the Argentine Government and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, BEDIN Shop System presented aKite to an audience of software companies and potential partners. The meetings were held on June 10th – 11th, 2014

Cloud POS: App vs. Browser

Cloud POS has two distinct sides: the Cloud that provide services and the Store consuming those services for Front and Back-office operations. The overall scalability, SLA, openness and efficiency depend obviously on the design of both sides. On the Cloud

The Cloud: new energy for Retail

Customers are already and in growing mass on the Internet with their smartphones, tablets and PCs. All the business information are traveling on the Internet, even when produced and consumed by traditional software applications designed to look more inside than

Cloud POS: native vs. hosted

A Cloud POS is a Point of Sale software based on Cloud Computing and managed through Internet.<p> A native Cloud POS is designed from the ground to take advantage of new paradigms like Multi-tenancy, rapid elasticity and expose standard and

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