For some days aKite has also been present in China, more precisely in Hong Kong. This is the first direct store outside Europe of the “Il Bisonte” chain, a Tuscan manufacturer of medium-high range leather goods known and distributed throughout the world, which has been using aKite in various countries for years.

aKite was designed from the outset to manage multi-language, multi-currency, multi-tax chains and with proper management of time zones to consult up-to-date and directly comparable statistics, even at hourly level. The data is always available in near-real-time from whatever continent they come from so, for example, in Hong Kong a customer leaving for New York can find out if a product not available in the desired variant can instead be purchased in the destination city.< /p>

Particular care has also been taken in managing the autonomy of each individual store, which is essential for mixed chains made up of direct and franchised stores. Even in direct chains it is sometimes necessary to be able to grant, in certain countries or continents and only on some specific points, greater or lesser autonomy with respect to the stores closest to the parent company. The circularity of customers between stores on different continents, for example, is a requirement often sought, but sometimes avoided.

In aKite the implementation of these choices takes place without lengthy customizations or technical interventions, but with a few clicks on a dashboard where it is possible to intervene selectively for a dozen different aspects, such as modifying independent of sales lists, or the creation of product master data and the possibility of managing supplies from local companies.

All this with maximum simplicity in stores and the highest level of service thanks to both the native Cloud architecture, based on MicroServices, and intelligence in the periphery, so sales operations at the checkout continue without interruption even in case of Internet or Cloud failures and even the local network in the shop. Indeed aKite has always applied the “Intelligent Cloud & Intelligent Edge”.

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