aKite Mobile is an App for smartphones aimed at Store or Chain Managers for constantly monitoring sales, stock and forecast from anywhere.

aKite Mobile, initially created for Windows Phone, has been completely redesigned for the Xamarine platform in order to create a native App for Android, iOS and Windows from a single code base. This allows us to combine efficiency and speed typical of the native App, with quality and evolution over time, on all platforms.

The latest version has an important new feature: the creation of Products Lists for inventory checking, for documents issue or labels reprint, by reading the bar code (even two-dimensional) with the built-in camera. This feature is not new on smartphones, but code optimization allowed to nearly reach the speed of specialized terminals costing 10 times more.

100 € or USD can buy a slim and elegant smartphone with all the necessary features (Camera and WiFi). Hardened models resistant to falls are also available.

Unlike Logistics, where the use of hand held terminals is constant and intense, usage in Stores is reduced to periodic inventory checking and sometimes extended to receipt and transfer of goods. Compared to simple Bluetooth readers, aKite Mobile has the ability to easily insert quantity, perform simple calculations (eg. 9 sealed boxes of 12 pieces each plus 3 in the open box) and review readings, very useful outside the basic functionality required by POS.

Retailers try to limit the up-front investment in specialized terminals reducing the number to a minimum, but increasing the inventory checking time. With the new aKite Mobile it is even possible to leverage employee’s smartphones in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) style, although in absolute security. Each Items list is sent to our Retail Web Services in the Cloud, saved in a secure environment and immediately deleted from the smartphone. Even when using local WiFi, no direct communication with local aKite Store Apps is allowed.

The next step will be a version for Customers with access to coupons, promotions and additional product information.

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