Perhaps the last in-person congress of 2020 due to the second COVID wave was held at the Grand Hotel in Rimini from 18 to 20 October, also made famous by Federico Fellini.

The theme of my presentation was “Intelli-tail: Intelligence and Omnichannel in Retail today” in which I tried to explain the business advantages of gradually moving away from traditional monolithic and “introverted” IT architectures ” to the new, natively “extroverted” and agile architectures.

The new distributed architectures, born with Cloud Computing just over a decade ago to unite online and offline, are the most suitable, for example, to manage Omnichannel (the integration between eCommerce, kiosks, Apps and Shops) and to incorporate the new features made possible by Artificial Intelligence. Among these, the sales forecasts for precision warehouse management, the clustering of customers into homogeneous groups by purchasing style, the chatbot for self-registration in loyalty programs, in which you are recognized at the till by name, and finally Intelli-Promo which chooses and proposes, among the active promotions, the most interesting for the customer and for the retailer.

I also tried to remove some of the mystery from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and explain why it is becoming fundamental in every type of company and even more so in Retail. A company that today ignores this new type of “cognitive energy” would place itself on the same level as another that at the beginning of the 20th century had neglected the importance of electricity.

If you want to see the almost 50′ presentation, click here

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