Today, cloud computing is a widely acknowledged (and possibly overused) term, but its importance should not be underestimated. The cloud is emerging as the most significant technology shift in a generation.


At BEDIN Shop Systems, we have developed a POS and InStore software-as-a-service suite called aKite that leverage the full potential of latest cloud computing paradigms. It can be integrated with other internal or external IT systems and extended across the supply chain. Here is our Cloud POS Manifesto to explain why and how retailers should take advantage of this latest technology development.


Cloud computing is revolutionary

To realise the full potential of cloud computing and exceed traditional hosting and virtualisation, software must leverage all key characteristics. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, they are on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource sharing, rapid elasticity and measured service.


Connected retail

The way to increase both customer satisfaction and business efficiency is through continuous data sharing between all parties in the supply chain, from suppliers to customers, allowing everybody to be truly connected.


No information technology limits

The complexity of traditional IT systems results not only in a cost increase but also in a distraction from the core business. The purchase, deployment and evolution of traditional software are too expensive and slow.


No centralised and departmental architectures dilemma

Traditional software architectures do not support the ‘Connected Retail’ vision with the necessary service level and resilience. Often, centralised solutions are coupled with a departmental backup, increasing cost and complexity.


A cloud POS is an intelligent device

Only local intelligence enables selling without interruption in the case of any external fault. It also improves the operator’s experience and reduces the load on the network. Internet and cloud computing are finite resources to be used with maximum efficiency to reduce costs and environmental impact.


Deployment is simple, fast and automatic

A cloud POS is deployed and automatically updated without any technical expertise. Maximum security and reliability is guaranteed, even when using standard web protocols.


Real cloud computing manage any workload

Data exchange through asynchronous messages and service oriented software architectures, scale without practical limits. Rapid elasticity ensures both service levels and efficiency.


No adoption barriers and constant evolution

Per seat and/or per store fees and no initial investments allows retailers of any size to benefit from cloud services while improving the economy of scale. Multi-tenancy (hardware and software sharing) and parameterisation instead of customisation, allows continuous and sustainable evolution.


A Cloud POS is part of an ecosystem

Design for integration with other cloud services and internal or external IT systems, including legacy ones, will enable a new ecosystem. Retailers will build their own information systems integrating standard components.


A Cloud POS is different

Cloud computing and software-as-a-service – with their new technological paradigms and business models – irreversibly change the rules of the game for the better.


Wladimiro Bedin is founder and CEO of BEDIN Shop Systems

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